Best possible water based concrete curing solution.

In order to reduce water wastage and subsequently save the electricity and labor involved, inspired by drip irrigation, cure-it developed an innovative drip curing technology which is not only easy to adopt but also more cost efficient compared to conventional methods.

The result is a patented technology and product: Drip Curing Sheets for Concrete.


Faster strength gain of up to 93% in first 8 days of curing.


40% natural fibers and 60% recyclable plastic for low carbon footprint.


Re-use up to 40 curing cycles within 250 days for low lifecycle cost.


Cumulative indirect cost savings of up to 70% indirect costs.

Water Savings 80%
Electricity Savings 70%
Man-power Savings 30%
 Projects Completed

Number of construction projects completed using our product so far.

 Litres of Water Saved

Liters of water saved in comparison to conventional water curing method.

As a Project consultant involved in industrial construction, we highly recommend this product for construction projects for not only cost savings but also for reduction of carbon footprint.

Avik Munshi, Managing Partner -

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