Best possible water based concrete curing solution.

Drip curing sheets adopt an innovative approach towards concrete curing that minimises the use of water used in curing process, through regulated and consistent water supply.

It involves gradual discharge of water for consistent curing such that only limited amount of water is used to cure the concrete. This invention is inspired from the drip irrigation system used for farming in arid regions of the Indian sub-continent and Arabian peninsula.

Easy Deployment

Drip curing sheets provide consistent curing for faster strength gain at an affordable cost through longer durability, higher re-uses, easy deployment and eco-friendly material thus reducing indirect costs by up to 80%.


Tailored Fit

Our products are custom built to suit your element dimensions on site and are delivered along with all necessary accessories for installation.


Easy Installation

Pair of trained labors can deploy drip curing sheets within 15 minutes for elements like columns, while less than 5 minutes for slabs.


Built to Last

To resist the harsh surroundings of construction site and ensure durability, the sheets feature a sturdy built with high quality raw materials.

Effective Curing

More effective curing through
consistent and regulated water supply.

Weathering Protection

Thick plastic cover to protect
from sunlight and wind abrasion.

Strength Gain

Better surface finish and faster strength
gain of up to 93% in first 8 days.

Eco Friendly

40% natural fibers and 60% recycle grade
plastic for lower carbon footprint.

Re - usable

Re-use up to 40 curing cycles within
250 days for low lifecycle cost.

Cost Savings

Cumulative indirect cost savings
of up to 70% indirect costs.

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Product Advantages

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products on fronts such as water,
power and strength gain.

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